General Membership Meeting September 27th at 7 PM in The Wolgin Gallery

Our 1st General Membership Meeting was a great success with a big turnout! The Board of Directors presided, Museum Director, Irvin Lippman delivered opening remarks, and the Members enjoyed the news of our progress, had time to question and hear answers! 

Stephen Lombardi, President, Artists Guild with Betty Lou Barry, Secretary, Artists Guild

Lenore Robins, Addressing the Membership, while thanking the group that has moved us forward under Stephen Lombardi’s direction

Irvin Lippman, Director,  delivering opening remarks at the beginning of the meeting

Lynn Holland, Staffing & Calendar Chair, with Fran Steinmark, new Participating Signature Member

Members at meeting during Question and Answer period

Judith Hochroth, 1st VP, Artists Guild welcoming Irvin Lippman, Director, Boca Raton Museum of Art

Judith Hochroth, Lenore Robins, Past President, Artists Guild and Jill Seidman, Reception Chair, Artists Guild

Members at meeting during Question and Answer period

Stephen Lombardi with Saul Barton, Counselor and contributor to development of Business Plan for Artists Guild